Cousin Larry got his bike for a grand under list!!! The Albany, Oregon dealer was offering a grand off and Larry got Latus Motors in Portland, Oregon to match the price. The deal was so good that Latus Motors later tried convincing Larry he needed to pay more, but having already cashed his deposit check, they had to make good on the price they gave him. He ordered a black bike, but unfortunately his bike was delayed due to the three week strike at one of Harley's manufacturing plants which decreased production by 18,000 bikes. Rather than wait at least a month longer than anticipated, he decided to pick up a Black Cherry model on the showroom floor - on April Fool's day, no less.

It has a "Stage 1" - pipes, air cleaner, etc. The boy did good, say I. He got a 2007 model for less than I bought my 2005.

2007 Harley Road Glide
Black Cherry 2007 Road Glide      
Factory stock photo of a black 2007 Road Glide
Larry's bike, stock at the dealer B4 anything is done