www.time.gov What time is it anyway?
Time Server Convert between time zones
www.phonespell.org Find words in your phone number
www.webopedia.com Online computer and Internet terminology, including links to related sites such as a tutorial on the term you're researching.
www.howstuffworks.com Umm, it's about how stuff works, ok?
www.snopes.com Amusing rumors and facts reported. Start with the submissive chicken ad
www.earlytorise.com Daily useful and informational eMails
Spyder Spyder that crawls toward your cursor and other fun interactive Flash programs
FunneyBunch One of my favored humor sites

RL's used by this website for special effects

www.dynamicdrive.com Visit Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which utilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology. Very cool and usesful stuff! I've used a number of their scripts in various site development efforts.
www.flamingtext.com Cool text effects, used for some of my page headers. Free.